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Multi-day Rides

Lottery River

Lyford - Hanmer Trail









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Part of Snowdon where we do a one hour Lodge View Ride.


Lodge View

Cathy's Track

Wedding Track

Helicopter Flat

Mason River

Lagoon Creek

Mt Lyford Village


Crystal Lake

Lake Stella

Mason Hills


Sherwood Huts Overnight!

Mt. Lyford to Hannmer - Rustic Adventure


We are grateful to local land owners for enabling us to have access to thousands of acres in the area for horse trekking. We have developed trails of varying length, difficulty, and scenery. The links here to the trails are listed in order of length beginning with the hour rides, which are the shortest rides we offer. Remember each ride is preceded with a partnering up session, so these times do not include that session; they are riding times only. The trails all begin at Mt Lyford Horse Treks on the corner of the Inland Road, and Mt Lyford Village Road, which is also opposite the well known Mt Lyford Lodge. We begin our rides at 1500 feet, and can climb as high as 3,000 feet on some rides. Both the all day rides require you to dismount and lead your horses downhill for some of the way.


Build a Bond Beyond Belief
Mt Lyford Horse Riding and Otahuna Horse Riding are operated by Kate Tapley Horse Treks Ltd.
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